Current UI Elements

UI Elements

what it's all made of

As a module developer, you're essentially using only the UI element library to create your application. Every element consists of a PHP object-oriented file along with various Javascript functions to create and manage the HTML nodes. Each PHP class has a set of similar functions such as setContent() or setCSS() but also contain a variety of element-specific functionality.

main.php vs events.php

Every module gets its own folder within the modules/ folder. An application consists of two files: main.php and events.php. The former consists of the run() function, which creates the interface of the application, using the UI elements listed at left. The latter consists of all the AJAX-invoked functions. For example, if your module was called "blog" and it had a button whose callback function was called "showPost", then the blog's events.php page would contain a function called blog_showPost($params) which would be called when the button is clicked.