PHP-Only Development Coding

As a module developer, you need only know the basics of PHP to write a module. The system takes care of the rest. Write all your code using the UI elements described here. All code generates XML which is parsed by Javascript to change the HTML being displayed.

Because the system is based on AJAX, every click of a button sends an AJAX call to the server, returning XML that can run Javascript and/or change HTML elements. Thus, in a sense, MacWeb Toolkit provides a PHP wrapper for any Javascript or HTML so you never have to write it yourself.

System Platform

how everything is coordinated

The MacWeb system consists of only a few core files, currently: a couple of Javascript files to handle the client side and a PHP file to handle the server side. The PHP file is responsible for converting PHP into XML and accessing the appropriate module when called from AJAX. It's also useful for a variety of other shortcuts while coding in PHP.


The Javascript on the site consists of a few key files:


Okay, you can't see the services.php file. But rest assure it takes care of redirecting any AJAX call to the relevant module and calling the appropriate function. Additionally, it converts PHP arrays to XML data and the reverse. It also converts PHP arrays to JS arrays.